What You're Saying

"It took me a good part of the year thinking of what I could possibly say to you for what you have done for me.  Thanks to our introduction by The Valley Hospital, I am alive today.  Sacrificing neither life nor limb I have triumphed under your care.  Can a value be put on life?  Not when it's your own!  You possess a wonderful gift for restoring life.  I thank you deeply for your knowledge and concern."  -J.W ("forever indebted")


"I was surprised when you said I didn't have to come back because I didn't feel as if I'd really thanked you the way I should.  I thought everything went very well.  I had minimal pain after my surgery and I'm recovering well.  I think my balance and posture are already better.  I keep looking at my foot and thinking, 'Wow, that's what it's supposed to look like'.  So thank you."  -M.V.D.


A special honor for Doctor's Day 2014:  "We can never thank you enough for your great medical care and in our eyes you are a great doctor who performs miracles!"  -J.F.


"A note of thanks and gratitude for the wonderful care you gave to {our husband and father}.  You were both kind and understanding at all times.  We have the comfort of knowing he is in a better place with the Lord."  -E.L. and children


"I wanted to send you a personal note of "Thanks" for your help and care in improving my left foot collapse.  Your surgery was a success! I can walk again, thanks to you!  I really appreciate your professional skills and talent, plus your care & concern!  Keep up the excellent work!  I wish you continued success!  -F.T.


"I'm writing to thank you and your staff for helping restore my feet to good health.  Not long ago I realized that my feet are nearly pain-free, something I hadn't experienced in years!"  Sincerely, E.B.


"I want to thank you for your generosity in treating my feet.  You can be certain that I will 'pay it forward'".  -C.M.


"Thank you for your excellent care & treatment!" -N.D.


"You did good for me.  Thank you.  For the first time since my surgery, my balance and locomotion improved to the point that I could go to the park.  I am very grateful." -M.G.


"Thank you-my foot is doing great!  Thank you to your staff for their patience!"  -L.B.


"I want to thank you again for being there helping and taking such good care of my mom-she adored you!  You were such a blessing and a bright place in her life.  Just wanted to share this with you.  Thanks for being such a great doctor and for having such a kind heart!" -C.F.


"When it comes to proficiency, ability, dexterity and expertise, this Association goes beyond the normal skill and becomes a fine art.  I shall be having my fourth surgery on my right foot by Dr. Jr. and I can testify this surgeon's innate skill on a level of 1-10 is rated 16.  And there is far more; Dr. Jr. is always congenial, polite and proper.  He instinctively knows how to put a patient at ease and, although he is unaware of this, he exudes confidence.  A part of this surgeon's persona is his sense of humor expressed just at the right time to interceed with the patient's tension.  Believe me, if he can put this "Nervous Nellie" in a relaxed state he is capable to do it for others.  His sense of timing is second to none.  This appraisal would be remiss if his excellent staff were not mentioned.  There is kindness, courtesy and understanding in abundance.  I am incredibly blessed and fortunate to have been introduced to this Association by a relative." -J.R.


"A special thanks for all the care you gave J through the years.  Although he won the battle but lost the war, we are all so grateful for all your efforts.  Thank you again!"~the J.F. family


"Thank you most sincerely for all you have done for me.  Actually, there is no adequate thank you for your expertise et. al." -J.R.


"I just want to say thank you & let you know I appreciate all you have done for me.  I know I was a complicated case & you always took such wonderful care of me with your kindness & concern.  I never felt like I was a bother to you or the girls & you always took the time to listen to me-that's a wonderful trait & not all doctors have it."  R.N.


"You guys are the best!  I am pleased with how my foot has recovered and completely healed." C.Z.


"In honor of National Doctor's Week, thank you for all you do to make a difference every day.  Your patience with J.G. is so appreciated!  Not only are you an awesome doctor, but an awesome person as well!  Sincerely",  R.D.


A gift given to The Valley Hospital Foundation in honor of Dr. Jr.: "Grateful can't begin to describe what I feel.  Thank you for my road to recovery."  J.L.

Dr. Jr., "Every day since I met you I am thankful to you.  The thought, let alone the reality, of what my life would have been without your help is absolutely unbearable.  Your smiles help, too.  Having a highly competent physician with a pleasant demeanor are a comfort.  A.W.


"Just a quick note to say thank you! Since my visit to you last month, my foot feels like new!!!  I can't tell you how good it feels to be pain-free when I walk.  You have provided me with the makings of a wonderful summer!  Thanks again!  M.K."


"Thank you for taking such great care of our feet." J.&H. D.



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